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Uncover these Tips to “Spring” into the Nashville Luxury Market – Buyers & Sellers Don’t Miss Out!

You’ve been waiting for that hot spring real estate market to buy or sell your home and now… the time is here. What are the top tips and tricks so you can be successful?

We’re shaking off winter here in Nashville! The dogwoods are blooming and we are officially in the spring market! Hallmarks of this market are a rise in both buyer and seller activity as everyone looks to be settled in their new home before they head south to the beach for the long dog days of summer.

How do you set yourself apart from the masses?  How do you make the most of spring real estate season?  Here are our top 3 tips for both Buyers and Sellers!

Sellers first!  Your home has been your sanctuary, your place to relax after a long work week… your home has its yoga pants on but now it’s time to get her cleaned up for her big debut!  

  • Seller tip #1:  Make your home stand out!  Look at your home with new eyes…pretend you’re a buyer.  Messy landscaping, wall scuffs, and dusty vents can seem like little stuff to you, but in the eyes of a buyer those things can hint that there are larger unseen issues.  Make your homesparkle.Declutter, repair, clean, paint…get her ready for the prom!
  • Seller Tip #2:  Gauge your competition.  Think of yourself like a buyer…what homes in your area are listed right now?  How do you stack up?  Look at their pictures, their yard, their price, how long have they been listed.  Be better than your competition.  Be the one you’d pick as a buyer.
  • Seller Tip #3:  Price realistically!  You love your home and it is hard to put a value on something you love.  Detach yourself, do your best to let go of the emotional piece and take a clear candid look at what homes are selling for.  Keep it simple and come up with a price range you are comfortable with that fits what you see out in the market.

Alright buyers, you’re up!  This is your dance…you get to be the belle of the ball and look over all your possibilities.  So how do you prepare to not only find “the one” but make it yours?

  • Buyer Tip #1:  Refine your search.  Nashville is big and you will spend a lot of time and energy fruitlessly wandering around unless you can clarify exactly where you want to be.  If you need help, this month’s Luxe Q&A will help you laser focus your search!
  • Buyer Tip #2:  Understand your buying power.  Whether you’re paying cash or working with a lender, you likely have a price range in mind.  Before you see “the one”, get really clear on what your top end of comfortable looks like.  We want to aim at the number that makes you thrilled, not terrified at the closing table.
  • Buyer Tip #3:  Do the backwards math so you understand your timing.  When would you like to be settled in your new home?  A standard closing time is 30 days.  How long would you like to comfortably search for your home?   If you find something you love, is your timing flexible?  Map this out so you are prepared!

So that’s it!  We’ve simplified it here, but we know buying and selling are one of THE most stressful things we do with both emotional and financial impacts on us.  Let us carry the weight.  You may do this once or twice every 10 years or so, but we have the benefit of 17+ years of working through these big moments with our clients.  So whether it’s us or another reputable agent, you don’t have to do this alone.

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