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Ready to Move to Nashville? Get Insider Tips on Finding YOUR Dream Home!

You are looking for your Nashville dream home, but are you crystal clear on what and where that is? If not, stick around for our buyer interview so you can refine what you want, where it is, and make it YOURS!

The search can seem daunting, but I like to think about it like a funnel…we start real big at the top where we have ALL the houses that fit your criteria, but with 5 simple questions we can get you laser focused on the area just for you!

1. Part of town: do you want the hustle and bustle of the city or the wide open space of the country? Here’s a quick snapshot of our primary areas:

– Nashville: If you like an active, urban lifestyle, Nashville has fantastic walkable neighborhoods with their own unique personalities. Checkout downtown, the Gulch or Midtown for a sexy high-rise vibe. Like historic Victorians or bungalows? You’ll have lots to choose from in 12South, East Nashville, and Belmont Hillsboro. Want a more refined feel with estate homes and large lots – Belle Meade, Green Hills, Forest Hills and Oak Hill are stunning areas worth checking out.

– Brentwood: Do you want a more formal subdivision with a neighborhood pool, tennis courts, and a golf course? Brentwood offers gated and ungated neighborhoods filled with amenities and is only a quick 15-20 minute drive from Nashville’s downtown.

– Franklin & Leipers Fork: When you close your eyes, do you have visions of rolling hills, fireflies, and windy country roads? Franklin and Leipers Fork will be 30-45 minutes outside of Nashville’s downtown but offers all the quiet country living your heart desires!

2. Next! What are your “must-haves”? Refine what you love! What are the features of your next home you absolutely can’t live without? A sparkling new kitchen? Open floor plan? Workout room? What is on your “must have” list?

3. Lot size: Don’t get hung up on the exact size, think more about the why…do you prefer a small lot so you are easily walkable to shops and restaurants and can avoid the stress of taking care of a yard? Do you want room for a pool? Do you also need a home for your horses? Think about how you’d USE your outdoor space!

4. Age of the home: Each era has its own feel…Do you love the unique architecture of a historic home? Nashville has stunning historic Victorians from the early 1900’s and sweet bungalows of the 30’s and 40s. The 1980’s to 2000’s brought beautiful brick estate homes often on nicely sized level lots. They are known for their more compartmentalized floor plans and typically have an upstairs primary bedroom. And of course, there’s new construction – perfect if you prefer everything sparklingly new and a modern open floor plan.

5. Price – Maybe this should have been first on the list, but I couldn’t leave it unmentioned. Think through your range – where would you like to be and what is your upper comfort level if it checks ALL the boxes?

Have the answers to all 5 questions? You’ve just narrowed our great big city into a small handful of neighborhoods and you are ready to jump in! When you find that perfect home, don’t let the stress of moving bring you down. We have the lady who will make your move a peaceful, stress free event and you will meet her in this month’s Nashville Word of Mouth. As always, lean on us or an experienced agent who can bring years of expertise to your search!

Happy hunting!

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