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Need A Realtor? 5 TOP Questions That Will Help You Find The Perfect Luxury Realtor!

You’ve had a TERRIBLE experience with a real estate agent… one that leaves a very bad taste in your mouth and makes you question everything you thought you knew about buying or selling a home. Before you make the same mistake again or jump into the market alone, I’m going to share my TOP 5 questions you need to ask to find, not just an experienced agent, but the right agent for YOU!

If you have a trusted agent who works hard on your behalf… treasure them, share openly with them, and listen to them. If you don’t have this important person in your life, here are the questions to help pick them out of the crowd!

How long have you lived or sold in my area? Anyone can pull sales data, but someone who has lived and worked in the area you want to buy or sell will have priceless context you can’t find online.

What can I expect from you?Think about your expectations for this person beforehand, does what they say match up? Ask about next steps, what is their suggested strategy? Make sure their answers meet your expectations.

Who will I be working with?  Ask about their team and support staff. Who will you be working with at each step in the process? Make sure you meet and are comfortable with your primary contact person.

Are there any concerns you have about what I want to do? Your trusted agent should be able to speak to challenges. They should be realistic but tactful. Do you feel like this person listens to you and can communicate hard things in a way you can hear?

Do you have a client similar to me I can speak with?
Get a second opinion. Talk to another client about positives and negatives of working with this agent.

We are all surrounded by a team of trusted people that make our lives easier whether financially or personally. Your Realtor should be one of those people!


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