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Get Ready to Be WOWED by One of Nashville’s Top Luxury Interior Designer!

Are you looking for a home that is more than just beautiful? If you crave a home with soulful design that reflects your inner compass, we have the person for you!

Meet Marcelle Guilbeau! Marcelle, is an Interior Designer and the owner of StudioGUILBEAU. At her studio, Marcelle and her team meet with their clients who come to them with unique tastes and interests, as they are seeking ways to discover and express their individual style in their homes.

This month’s Word of Mouth Nashville invites you to explore Marcelle’s creative and passionate interior design style. Uncover how she helps her clients discover their unique sense of style before fusing it into each home environment – ranging from residential projects such as private households or curation for furniture; through commercial endeavors like adaptive reuse in historic buildings and housing developments alike.

Thank you Marcelle Guilbeau for helping so many bring life into their homes that speaks to who they are. Here is the link to her website for more information: 

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