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Is Nashville’s Luxury Market CRASHING? Here’s what you need to know!

Is the luxury market crashing in Nashville? That’s what everyone wants to know! I’m here to tell you why I don’t think so, but most importantly – I’ll tell you what you should be doing if you’re in the luxury space.

Two stats that matter:
1. How much people are getting for their homes
2. How long it takes for them to do it.

If we zoom in on this graph and only look at the last 15 months in the Nashville market, it looks like our market is falling off a cliff but if we we zoom out, we see a seasonal rhythm. We are in line with seasonal fluctuations we’ve seen for the last 4 years. Right now we’re averaging 95% of list price in the luxury market and 19 days to get there.

So, what should YOU be doing right NOW?

Sellers: Get realistic! 15 months of selling at or above list price in a week are over. Rely on an experienced agent, watch your market and time and price accordingly.

Buyers: This is good news! The market is NOT crashing! You can negotiate! You can have appraisal contingencies, you can have inspection contingencies so pay attention to the market and if you see something you love don’t be afraid to make a market rate offer to the seller.

That’s my crystal ball! Come back next month for our January Nashville Luxe Market Talk.


With an abundance of natural beauty, exciting city life and unbeatable amenities, it’s no wonder why Nashville, Tennessee has become a top destination for those looking to relocate or buy their perfect luxury home. Whether you’re searching in the downtown area or one of its gorgeous surrounding areas like Brentwood and Franklin — The Michelle Maldonado Team can find exactly what your looking for in a luxury home or investment. From lush parks to golf courses; countless restaurants with renowned cuisines; universities bursting with culture and entertainment; musical venues with amazing local talent – there is something here in Music City that captures everyone’s heart. And don’t forget about exceptional schools — it’s no surprise why more people are moving Nashville, TN each day. Let us help make your move seamless by finding luxury real estate options tailored specifically to fit every need!

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We get calls and emails everyday from people just like you, looking for help on making their move within or to Nashville, TN and we absolutely love it! Whether you are moving in 9 months of 90 days, reach out today via call, text or email so we can help you make a smooth move to Nashville, Tennessee.

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