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I moved to Nashville in 1996 from the sunny California coast. As a native California girl, I am as shocked as anyone to have made my home in a landlocked state, but I have found Nashville to be amazingly friendly, innovative, and full of creativity.

I live in East Nashville in a 1920’s renovated Victorian I purchased from a client. I have always been a “city girl” but living in East Nashville has given me an even greater appreciation for urban communities.

My sales focus is on these walkable communities and Nashville has made great strides in recent years to have many to choose from! Whether in Midtown, 12South, The Gulch, Belmont-Hillsboro, East Nashville, Sylvan Park, or Downtown – there is a community to fit your particular personality, interests, and pace. Pairing my buyers and sellers in these urban communities is my passion!

Drawing on this passion, I have excelled in the real estate business for over a decade and hope to continue for decades to come.

Below is an excerpt from an interview I did with the Tennessean discussing both the selling and buying process. I hope it is helpful and I look forward to working with you in the future!

Years in business:
I started my real estate career on my birthday in 2005. Best birthday present I could have ever given myself!

Describe the company and explain what makes it unique. How did you become involved in real estate?
In 2005 I accepted a position as the director of sales and marketing for the Adelicia, a luxury high-rise in midtown Nashville. That position was hugely instrumental in providing me with a wealth of experience in a very compressed time frame… After completing the Adelicia, I was brought on as sales director for the Terrazzo condominiums in the Gulch. I worked with an incredible team and together we sold just over 100 units for $33 million in about 36 months… My move to Compass came as a direct result of my work at the Adelicia. My clients in the Adelicia had become accustomed to a high-level brand and marketing campaign, and I felt very strongly that Compass was the only company that would give them the brand and the exposure that they deserved.

Where in the Nashville region are you active?
I focus almost exclusively on the urban core.

When selling a home, what can the owner do to maximize its value?
If a client has a budget to update, I focus on modernizing the kitchen and baths. … If they do not have the budget, I focus on really making the rooms work the best they can. How we live in a home is often different from how we sell a home. Once we’ve spent significant time in our space, it can be difficult to see it objectively. I try to bring fresh eyes to the space and rearrange furniture, artwork and personal items to highlight the best features of each room.

What advice do you have for clients who are preparing to buy a home?
The first step must be taking a look at their finances and speaking with a lender. Understanding how much they want to put down and what price range they can afford is where everyone should start. Next is finding the neighborhood or area that fits them best. I encourage my clients to get out of the car and walk around. Look at the homes, restaurants, shops and people in the neighborhood. Talk to their potential future neighbors and ask what they like and perhaps don’t like about the neighborhood. Visit during different times – weekday and weekend, morning and evening, to see what the traffic and atmosphere is like. Then, do their homework and find the best Realtor who fits their needs.

How is technology changing the way people buy and sell houses?
Technology has made an incredible wealth of information available to buyers instantly. … Much of their home buying research is done before they have ever physically been in our city. For sellers, this means making certain that their home is getting the best, broadest, and most beautifully branded exposure possible. Compass offers both iPad and mobile apps allowing buyers to search properties across the world.

What features are the most popular with today’s buyers?
My buyers trend very strongly to open floor plans. Whether in homes or condos, urban buyers want a space that allows them and their guests to flow easily. Unique, tasteful touches are important, as well – something that shows that time and attention was given to the design of the home and that it was not simply “stamped out” along with all of the others… Thoughtful, well-planned design never goes out of style.

What is the hallmark of the service you provide to your clients?
Meticulous attention to detail… I am also a spreadsheet fanatic. Analyzing market data and negotiating the best deal whether on a buy or a sell, is enormously important to me.